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Andrew Dunn - Lead Guitar, Vocals

" I was born in a beautiful era of history when everything was like, man.......Groovy" says Andrew. He spent the first eight years of his life in Mendham,NJ. Early musical influences came mostly from his mothers cello playing and his dad jamming on the piano. "Mom always had lots of instruments around the house. My brothers and I were in some ways encouraged into music." At age 8 he moved to New Mexico and by his early teens began to play trumpet. " I had my one brother, who is now a professional trumpet teacher and player (HE RIPS!!!), listening to a lot of cool jazz and bebop. In my other ear was the was the wall pounding sounds of Zepplin, Skynyrd,BTO,Who,Stones,and Charlie Daniels band." recalls Dunn. After picking up the guitar at 15, Andy started to figure out some of the things he was hearing. He also found a love for the more intense music of the time like early Ozzy,Sabbath,Mettalica and Judas Priest.  "I met Keith in the fall of 88 and we were both looking to start up a band to make some unique, dynamic rock 'n' roll." After building a studio the two spent years getting their musical operation together, working jobs and playing at night. The Withdrawals officially started in 1994. "After a couple of incarnations we found the perfect mix when Danny and Kevin came aboard in '97", he says," I see the music expanding in so many directions faster than ever before. There is no way to predict what the band will sound like in the years to come and that's exciting to me." Andy spends his spare time telling bad jokes,hiking,and fishing.


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