Keith Thomas - Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar

Keith Thomas started playing violin at age 2. He quickly switched to piano. Soon afterwards Keith was performing classical pieces for competition. He also worked as a organist for several churches and performed in the Pocono Boys Singers. After winning several scholarships for piano performance he accepted the Pope Joy Scholarship at UNM. "While preforming the Grieg concerto for the Popejoy competition I had an out of body experience . I left the college of music and built a studio.", Keith said. He went on to finish a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communication. After founding the band the Withdrawals with Andrew Dunn, he found himself road bound. He continues to write and turn people on to his unique brand of music. "I love to watch people dance with huge smiles on their faces",says Thomas. Keith likes to backpack and fly fish with beautiful women, conversation, and good food.

Here's a rare treat, Keith as a child, jamming classical like nobody else can.

Check it out....KeithJam....  you'll have to ask him for the name of the piece.


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