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You can order merch by sending a check made out to Bongalo Productions. Same shipping and handling applies. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Good Man - The latest Withdrawal CD.

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 Packed with feel-good funky bass lines and equally groove-laden acoustic guitar work, "Good Man" is intense white-hot heat filtered through a powerful rhythm section and highlighted by Keith Thomas' soulful vocals.....

Whether it is white-boy acoustic funk ("Don't want None of This"), electro-organ groove soul ("Sitting in the Sun") or more introspective numbers like ("What am I to Do?") this is an incredibly cohesive quartet............

Evolution - The 2000 release with mammoth live jams!!!!!  




Smile - The 1999 release that started it all. Includes Anima, Sometimes, and the Man on the Mountain.

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....includes the use of a number of diverse musical genres as well as calling to the fore the considerable abilities of the band. Tight as they are musically, there is as stream of consciousness quality about the lyrics as though it were Kerouac himself describing this rock odyssey through the doorway of unanswered questions and not so obvious truths. It is fitting that this CD had it's origins in New Mexico whose wide vistas, open skies and colorful history invite reverie and wonder....

The Withdrawals live on KUNM Cassette
Thw Withdrawals jam at KUNM            


Killer live radio show of the original Tuesday night at Sonnys jamolicious groooovsters. Great versions of WithdrawALIEN classics....

The Withdrawals Self Titled EP
Recorded 8/95 in Albuquerque, NM
an older configuration & sound......a classic piece of memorabilia
send $7 ($5 + $2 s&h) to above address

Clothing -Check out our cool new tees available at each performance.

The Withdrawals T-Shirts
 S, M, L , XL, XXL, XXXL
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